Please make a chronological time line of your life. Add any significant events. It is extremely important with homeopathy to know your history as symptoms usually have an “event” which triggered them.Mention from birth to the present day in chronological order all major events in your life along with your approximate date and age you were at the time. If the child is the patient, please mention any unusual trauma, stress or emotions surrounding the mother’s pregnancy.
Marriages and Divorces:
Number of children (if a mother):
Accidents (falls, broken leg, concussions, etc.):
Excessive Joys (weddings, surprises):
Grief and loss (separated from parents, death, miscarriages, abortions, heartbreaks, disappointments, moves, etc.):
Surgeries and medical interventions:
Emotional challenges and interventions:
Trauma (rapes, incest, children in prison, etc.):
Diseases/traumas Other stress of any kind: work, personal, family:
Other stress of any kind: work, personal, family: